Junenile Justice System Should Focus on Rehabilitation Essay

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Juvenile Justice System Should Focus on Rehabilitation

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Juvenile Justice System Should Focus on Rehabilitation Rehabilitation over Punishment, why one is better or more effective than the other, in order to answer this questions one must understand what each means. Punishment is a consequence of doing something that is unacceptable, it is meant to be unpleasant, the problem with punishment is it does nothing to address the social or mental processes that maybe contributing to delinquency, nor does it address why an individual commits the unacceptable act(assosiated content, n.d.). The juvenile justice system should focus on rehabilitation because while punishment may be unpleasant we need to focus
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When rules are broken, youths can have their probation revoked. Effective intervention plays a vital role in any plan intended to reduce the rates of juvenile delinquency. Those employed in the juvenile justice system use intervention as a key module of dispositional sanctions imposed in juvenile cases. This is mainly true for the treatment of serious, violent, and chronic juvenile offenders/serious offenders who have the probability for long and destructive criminal careers and who without effective interventions, are more likely to recidivate while at the age for peak offending. The most effective intervention programs for noninstitutionalized offenders concentrated on, individual counseling, reality therapy counseling, and juvenile sexual offenders were treated with multisystemic therapy. Interpersonal skills that use drama and the production of videos, a ten day course focusing on a personal or community commitment and behavior programs focusing on behavior therapy, are the most successful. Reoffending effect sizes for the various treatment types were most reliably positive for interpersonal skills interventions and teaching family homes (Office of Justice Programs, 2000). The opposition to rehabilitation is that we must advocate justice and equality under the law regardless of age. Deterrence is believed to be the best approach to punishment, because the belief is that if the offender is incarcerated the ability to commit more crimes is