Jung Typology Test

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The purpose of this paper is to outline personality types in the workplace, as it reflects to me. Specifically, my learning and personal analysis of the results, outcomes generated in the assessment I completed, and how this information will impact or aid in my development. The information provided in this paper was factored in the Jung Typology Test, which provided a result for my personality type of INTJ (Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving). This paper will provide an overview of my knowledge related to these traits and personal experiences in my life, which correlate to being an INTJ personality. In addition, I will identify the temperament category of “The Rationals”.

Prior to taking the text related to identifying my personality type, I was unaware of the level of depth placed into various traits and personality models. In first seeing that individuals may be
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I do agree that that I fit in “The Rationals” group as an NT. There was one facet regarding the INTJ weaknesses that I do not agree with, regarding taking blame or unwillingness to accept blame. I am extremely accountable to myself and others, which would not appear to be an accurate weakness assessment. I have learned my preference of dealing with most situations I encounter professionally and personally to better myself. The worldview presentation impressed me and I resonated with the organizational behavior that I would like to believe holds true, that it is based on meaning and truth. It is unfortunate that I feel and see a lot within the organization I work that is based on self satisfaction and profit. Even more particularly self satisfaction of executives and the returns they receive and achieve. Regardless of this view point, I work hard each day for myself and my