Jung Typology Test

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One of the most important steps in the process of an individual’s exploration of his/her career development involves taking career/vocational assessments. These assessments help uncover the individual’s interests, needs, and values. Based on that, he/she is better prepared to make decisions regarding career choices. Because of the importance of career/vocational assessments in my career as a future counselor, in this report, I identify and describe the results I obtained from the assessments.
Assessment and Results
Jung Typology Test This assessment is designed to discover people’s careers and occupations based on their personality type. The Jung Typology test first provides a description of the personality type obtained. This description
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This means that I have a slight preference for extraversion over introversion, a slight preference for intuition over sensing, a moderate preference of feeling over thinking, and a slight preference for perceiving over judging. The Jung Typology Test also describes my type of personality as being enthusiastic, flexible, and spontaneous. Based on this type of personality, I prefer to look at all of the possibilities in life and trust my ability to improvise. In terms of communication skills, it explains that I feel my best when I have the opportunity to understand and help others. As an ENFP, I am devoted to topics about connection between people and their behavior or actions as well as learning about feelings. My career choices include: Arts (Acting and Performances, Dressmaking and Design, and Fashion Designer), Customer Services (Public Relations, Nutrition, Sales/Marketing Specialist), Social Services (Journalist/Reporter, Early Childhood Education, Recreation Specialist), Management (Fashion …show more content…
This way people can have an idea of their self-efficacy on each area of interest. After answering the questions in the scale, my results suggest that I have many skills in my five areas of interests. The highest score went to Family and Community Services, for which it says that my level of skills is higher than the level of interest. Then the rest of the areas, such Early Childhood Development and Services, Teaching and Training, Counseling and Mental Health Services, and Professional Support Services obtained similar