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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

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Junior’s life


In the novel, we know his family is unfortunate, anout junior, when he was born, he got the hydrocephalus, it’s hoplesss for a family that the child has congenital disease, also, forty-two teeth.
His fathrer wants yo be a muscian and his mother wants to be a teacher. His family is very poor so that they think they can’t make their dreams come true.
At the end of the novel, his grandmother and his sister both dead, hteir death gives junior beat him deeply.

Family there is a said in China that is ‘Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard’ say, be close to us, we are very falling we can buy what we want, and go to oversea country to study, in other side, we also can traveling with our parents, and do what we want to do. some families are very poor, and they can not let them children to oversea contry to study. and some families doing wrong, for example, vilent in family, because of works, the children lack of love from parents.
Anyway, the best teacher is your parents, and family is very important for children, and give children hopes.

Junior has some male “friends” like roger, who was fighted by junior, but finally, he didn’t fighted back to junior, it because he respects to junior. There also include rowdy, he is junior’s best friend at the brginning of the time, but when rowdy hears somethings about junior will change school toanother better school, he become unfriendly with junior, but junior just thinks rowdy always is his best friend althrough rowdy sometimes can buly junior very much.

Sometimes, if we couldn’t communication with parents, then we can talk with our best friends, then friends will give us the correct choose. And friends will be with us