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Junk Food Best Friends with Tobacco The Junk food industries and tobacco companies are eerily similar. Even though most of the population knows that junk food and tobacco products are bad for you they do not stop consuming them. Junk food can be as addicting as tobacco products as studies have shown. Obesity is becoming an epidemic in the United States and something needs to be done. Tobacco companies have the same problem because more and more people are dying from consuming there products. Junk food companies need to become more educated on the effects their products are having on the population. They cannot sit back and watch America eat itself into obesity. Junk food companies need to be proactive and figure out a solution to help prevent this epidemic. Even if this cost them millions of dollars they need to do something. This goes for Tobacco companies and how they need to improve their product to become safe to use without fear of cancer. Americans are taking notice of the unhealthy ways the junk food and tobacco companies are conducting business. If they do not change for the better there will be consequences. All of the junk food companies should hold a meeting like they tried in the past and hammer out a solution that all the companies can agree on. And this time make it work. The tobacco companies need to do the same thing. Putting me in the position of the giant junk food company PepsiCo about the about regulatory pressures down the