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Internationals view on Courts describes public prosecution v. private prosecution. Private prosecution is the oldest and is usually initiated by the victim or victim’s family. Private prosecution is now mostly civil in nature for example slander or libel. In Ohio, cities solicitor either elected or appointed, other counties have a prosecuting attorney elected by the federal government and they also have United States prosecutors designated by regions of United States or appointed by the United States attorney general. The United States general is appointed by the president, and is approved by congress at a cabinet level. Every state has an attorney general, in Ohio the attorney general is elected. Initial history of defense involved support from co-workers, family, character references. By the late 1800’s mostly all countries provided for the legal defense of the accused. In the United States, jurisdictions have public defender office or the court appoint local attorneys and reimburse accordingly. Adjudication is the reason for are criminal justice system, whether a public or private wrong, the adjudication is the resolution. Most criminal justice systems operate on the premise of innocent until proven guilty and some variations in application though the crime control model. Importance of an independent judiciary elected vs. appointed. Question that we ask are if elected would be better or if appointed will be better. The importance of judges recusing self in cases those present conflicts of interest. Laypeople in adjudication process there are two types of juries. First is the petit jury (trial jury), second grand jury. A very highly important issues jury trial in history of American Revolution Declaration independence references Americans colonists being deprived of trial by peers. It is very important to become part of the Bill of Rights. When it comes to juries it can be 6 to 12 members are selected by “voir dire” French for “speak the truth” this also means what’s the challenge for the cause or the peremptory challenge.
Majority of the cases don’t go to trial and only about 3 million people are called to jury duty a year in the United States but only around 1 million out of that 3 million empaneled. Individuals are selected to attend jury duty by their voter’s registration. International perspective on Juvenile justice is that delinquency is present in every country studies and research shows that it is difficult because different ages define a juvenile, different methods of record keeping, different versions of offenses, especially status offenses. Studies from 2003 show that the found following causes of Juvenile crimes; poverty, change in family structure, unemployment, group membership, malnutrition, urbanization, homelessness, drug use, culture clash (Arabic), governing principles. The United Nations standards rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice Beijing Rules.
United nation also focuses on the convention on the rights of the child also known as (CRC). There guidelines for the prevention of juvenile justice derived of their liberty