Just And Unjust Laws In Martin Luther King Jr.

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Just and unjust laws may be considered logical evidence as well as emotional, but Martin Luther King Jr. uses a few much better logical examples to convince the audience to see his point of view. His logical examples of moral wrongdoings include strong emotion and cold harsh facts. Birmingham’s history of cruel segregation is well known and possibly the most segregated city in the United States. There were more “unsolved bombings of Negro homes and churches in Birmingham than in any other city in the nation” (655). The police in Birmingham are especially brutal. Examples of this are when elderly women and young girls are cursed at and shoved around during the protest, as well as old black men and young boys getting beaten by the officers. Human morals and laws confirm that beating or pushing others, above all the elderly and children, is wrong and logically so. Other police misconducts include releasing dogs on unarmed protesters and King pointing out that twice, inmates in the jail were refused food because they wanted to say a blessing together before eating. These examples are the strongest that King uses because it is hard to deny the facts and harsh treatment of the black community, unless one sees blindly and does not dig deeper for the true facts. The emotional examples are effective, but not as effective as the facts that cannot be disputed or interpreted entirely different after the actual facts are presented through firsthand accounts and witnesses, therefore they are the strongest most effective persuasive tools that MLK uses.

Another way Martin Luther King Jr. used logical appeal, not as facts, but more a way of logical thinking, was during his thoughts on receiving