Just Flyin Short Story

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So, I was just flyin’ around one day, and I saw this man. He wasn’t no ordinary man. That bruh was Hercules. You know, that huge guy that’s really huge. This man, ya know, Hercules, he was goin’ around just doin him. That bruh was all about goin’ around and smashin’ faces in. He was one of the most insolent bruhs to ever come to Olympus. Anyways, I’m still flyin around, ya feel? And with this, I will start our story. It all starts in the forest, Medusa, once a very beautiful and majestic lady, who is now not so much that, was throwing a birthday party for her son. This son of hers was very fond of Mexican themed birthdays, so his most very wanted wish would be to have a piñata at his birthday. Normally this would be alright, since most kids want a piñata at their birthday, but he is no normal kid. Actually, he is not even a …show more content…
This man-child was unable to lift anything. He was so small that even a newborn baby could beat him in a fight. With that being said, he could be very easily taken advantage of. During this hecka birthday party bash, Hercules came. And him being the teenager that he is, he wanted to stand by the person that would make him look the biggest. So, Hercules stood right by the birthday boy, let’s call him Luc, which definitely did make Hercules look very huge. After a while at the birthday party, it was time for Luc to take a couple swings at the piñata. Since Hercules is so huge, it was his responsibility to hold the piñata. When it was time for Luc to hit the piñata, Hercules was still holdin’ that thing. As Luc went for his first swing at the piñata, Hercules decided to amuse himself by moving the piñata up so Luc couldn’t reach. Luc ignored him and went for his second swing and