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An Organized Time & Lot of Sleep Makes My Day Complete Having goals and plans in one’s life is one of the most important things to do due to several reasons that shall be enumerated in this section. To start with, goals on their own give one a direction to which they are going to. It is the same with an organization that wants to improve its business not only to beat the competition but to expand its operations and increase in size. It should be noted that without goals, resources are easily wasted and little is achieved. Since the achieving of goals is not an overnight thing, plans are required for this (Kenneth, et al, 2013, p.49). Plans, therefore, are like the roads that lead to destinations called goals. Having plans thus keeps people and organizations on the right track in the achievement of their goals and targets in general. Concerning health, one needs to put into place a plan that shall enable them achieve given goals among them lose (or gain) of weight or other desired conditions. This paper shall detail two health plans of a personal nature in the achievement of health conditions.
Getting 6-8 Hours of Sleep I have chosen upon this condition to improve my health as far as the number of hours of sleep is concerned due to the fact that it controls a lot of other health conditions and contributes immensely to the good health of the body. Having enough sleep is a major contributor to physical and psychosocial functioning. One benefit I get from sleep is preservation of energy.
When we sleep our body is rejuvenating and charging to fulfill immense activities for the next day. Moreover, a 6-8 hours of sleep everyday will revitalize the neurotransmitters that were lost during hours that we are awake and make our brain cells work better (Donatelle & Thompson, 2011, p.39). There is a study that sleep is at its highest potential and propitious to memory one day later it happens after learning and balances analytical memories removing the unfavorable impact of sequential sleeplessness(Payne et al., 2012,p. 1). The first step in this plan is to think of changing a lifestyle and not merely forcing oneself to sleep for the time stated above. One does not need to plan their activities around sleeping times to achieve this; they have to ensure that the activities throughout the day are all focused on this goal. The food eaten also determines to a large extent the quality of sleep one obtains and I shall put that into consideration I have thus embarked on watching everything I do and eat to determine if it is healthy, beneficial and in line with my goals or not. One example is limiting my coffee intake from 3 times to only a cup a day. This shall continue even after the achievement of the required health condition to make sure that no laxity allows the deviation from the set plan.(Donatelle & Thompson, 2011, p.40). The second step that I have chosen on obtaining 6 to 8 hours of sleep is that of organizing my daily activities. Organizing my life includes the timely completion of the daily tasks to ensure that when bedtime comes, I would not have things to worry about nor keep me awake worried that this or that has not been completed. This has been found out to improve the quality of sleep by to a large extent since the mind is calmed and left to rest. As stated above, enough sleep enables the body to rest and rejuvenate itself in preparation for the day ahead.(Donatelle & Thompson,2011,p.39).
I have also embarked on a slow and steady method of achieving my goal. While I currently sleep for only four hours which is unhealthy, I intend to add half an hour of sleep every week until I reach the targeted 6 to 7 hours. This is to slowly introduce the body to the new method of operation keeping in mind that the body and the mind operate by slow adaptation as opposed to sudden changes. The same shall occur for the diet and the number of hours spent on LED screens. LED screens have been found out to cause a lack of