Essay on Justice has bee Served

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Justice is a concept that involves people getting what’s coming their way; it is a punishment for those who have been against the law children/adults now days, are all going against the law, notifying others just to get their attention in doing things their way even if it’s a crime/illegal. In this essay that I’m about to write it will briefly examines what justice has been served to the ones that has found guilty in many ways of explaining the benefits followed as consequences and short comings in each, in other words “ JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED”.

Firstly, this is a story that is eventually based on a true story, it is about a young child who is at the age of 13 years and a men who is about 50 years of ages, who was pleaded guilty due to sexual abuse and harassments charges. Marilynn (13years) was staying at her dad’s house who was 46 years of age. Marilynn was the only child, her mother died in a car accident when Marilynn was about 4 years of age, so then her dad raised her on his own. Marilynn’s father Craig has accepted his best friend over to stay with them at their 3 bedroom flat house. Frank was about 50 years old and was best friends with Craig since Frank was 35 years old and Craig was 31 years old. Frank now stayed with Craig and Marilynn so they all had a room each… Now this is where it all started …

It was a fine sunny morning where Marilynn did not go to school due to the fact she had a dentist checked but refused to go because she hated the people looking at her teeth’s. Craig was working full time as a architect so meaning he’s always busy with work, while Frank was a part time worker at a mechanic shop, not far from Marilynn’s school (Jeffrey High School) Craig knew all Marilynn’s timetable because Craig would always write up Marilynn’s timetable on the fridge so she would wake up knowing what class she has for each period and the next days. The morning when Marilynn’s did not go school, Frank had come home early catching Marilynn watching (SpongeBob square pants) he asked her “What time does your dad finish today again?” Marilynn replied “tonight around 6pm, so I think your baby sitting dad said” Frank replied “alright how about we play a game?” Marilynn looked so excited and screamed “YES, YES, YES!!!” Frank got dressed and came to Marilynn who was still watching television and he quietly said “Marilynn come and sit on my laps!” Marilynn replied “what for uncle, are you scared that I might win whatever game we are playing” Frank then laughed and told her to come please. As Marilynn was walking towards Frank, Marilynn