Essay Justification of Scheme of Work

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Teaching for learning 2:
Justification for scheme of work
Angie Newton
Planning as a whole is an essential aspect of teaching and is even more effective when it’s a process that is collaborative with your colleagues and pupils, therefore enhancing the effectiveness of your teaching (DCFS, 2011, Mawer, 1995). Schemes of work are a long term planning solution, which identify the learning opportunities across a whole school year (Gower, 2004). The framework is broad, so to go alongside the scheme of work, units of work are devised (Robinson & Smith, 1995). The scheme of work should be a broad balance of sporting opportunities for pupils to experience and participate in different activities.
The scheme of work is for an
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(QCDA, 2007) The Invasion games unit in year 7 will focus on tactical generic games to underpin to the main tactics for invasion games. This allows the pupils to transfer their learnt skills across a number of activities, this aids with their development to perform and accomplish problem solving activities. The tactical teaching approach is important for the development of tactical knowledge, which fits nicely into the key process 2.2a, selecting and using tactics in challenging contexts. This tactical knowledge is acquired to solve the decision making and skill execution problems that can occur within invasion game situations. (Hardy, 1999). Swimming and rookie lifeguard training units are included in year 8 and 9, to make use of all the facilities that are on offer, widening the variety of activities further for the pupils. The rookie lifeguard unit for year 9 is a progression from the stroke improvement because they will learn different aspects on water safety. Striking and fielding activities go alongside the track and field events of athletics because the two summer complement each other, because they can be transferred to several facilities, which is very beneficial to planning a scheme of work.
When it comes to accurate replication, this is addressed