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“A crisis… is any event that is, or is expected to lead to, an unstable and dangerous situation affective an individual, group, community, or whole society” (Crisis). Firstly, Justin Bieber is a Canadian, international pop super star born March 1, 1994, that got his big break when he was discovered by an American talent manager on YouTube in 2008. Following the debut of his release single “One Time” he has charted in multiple countries on Top 100 charts and has been certified platinum. Also following his debuted; Justin Bieber has appeared on numerous live daytime and nighttime talk shows such as Ellen, The View, and Late Show with David Letterman. On Thursday January 23, 2014, an unexpected crisis in the pop star’s personal life was publicize when now 19 year old Bieber was pulled over by police. Justin Bieber can be diverted from this crisis if he, becomes active in full time service related activities, and be more selective in choosing associates.
In the early morning hours of Thursday, Justin Bieber was apprehended by officials under authority of the law in Miami, Florida where he shown signs substance abuse his eyes were bloodshot, pupils dilated and his speech mumbled. Justin Bieber was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, termed as (DUI); DUI is a crime of driving with levels of alcohol in excess of legal limit. The legal limit by law for drivers under 21 in Florida is .02 the tested results from two separate Breathalyzer tests were 0.11 and 0.14 --way above legal age limit. Secondly a urine sample indicated the offender tested positive for marijuana use and prescription medication Xanax. According to a CNN Entertainment article Bieber also was quoted using profanity and being cocky and insulting to police. A final analyze of the situation finds Bieber caught driving without a license. In-text documentation needed for the information in this paragraph.
As a result Justin Bieber faces serious consequences that can hurt his career following his arrest. Justin was released on bail the very next day, after the judge set a bond at $2500. Given a trial date set to proceed on of March 10, 2014, possible jail time, or even probation could be in the works or a judge could impose a tougher sentence if convicted. Another serious issue Bieber could face is possible deportation. A petition made and sign by Americans citizens asking White House Officials to revoke his green card. The reason being the citizens feel that Justin behavior is threatening the safety of civilians. Petitioners also feels, as a public figure in the media and web he is now influencing American youth to imitate the bad behavior that many deem inappropriate.
If I were hired to advise Justin Bieber with this crisis, my first piece of advice would be to be more selective choosing friend and associates. According to Cigna health and wellness medical topics on teen alcohol and substance abuse, “teens may abuse drugs and alcohol because they want to fit with friends, it makes them feel good and believe it makes them more grown up”. My second piece of advice “obey the laws” stay within the legal age drinking limit required by the state, do not drink and driving an always have someone accompany you who is sober to escort you. Thirdly Justin should engage in