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Romeo and Juliet. The story of two feuding families, whose children are gravely in love. Tragically, the lives of Romeo and Juliet end whilst in a desperate attempt to escape Verona, where their love is forbidden. Several significant elements of the play explain the ending of their lives. A potential reason for Romeo and Juliet’s death is Friar Lawrence and his choices about the future of Romeo and Juliet, which were finalized too quickly, and without proper thought. The long lasting feud between the two families, which was the reason Romeo and Juliet had to be secretive about their love and hide it from their families, which ended in death. Fate is also a large contributor to their ending, it is predicted from the beginning that Romeo and Juliet will have a tragic ending. They are explained as being “Star-Crossed” lovers, “star-crossed” lovers are not meant to be together. It is not possible that one singular event of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ caused the sorrowful ending to the tale, but several different elements caused their deaths.

In the play Romeo and Juliet, a large amount of evidence of Romeo and Juliet’s tragic ending leads back to Friar Lawrence. Romeo and Juliet trusted Friar Lawrence to marry them and take great care in having them escape Verona together peacefully. Throughout the story, Friar Lawrence broke this trust, which resulted in both their deaths. Friar Lawrence’s hasty, careless choices were destined to end in tragedy. The rushing of the wedding and the briefly planned unsuccessful process of their escape suggests that Friar Lawrence is to blame for the two lovers’ deaths. Romeo and Juliet could have escaped their tragic ending if Friar Lawrence hadn’t agreed to marry the two of them. The wedding between Romeo and Juliet ensured that they would be forever bonded, where Romeo would go, Juliet would follow and vice versa. So when Romeo discovered that Juliet had “died” he followed her actions. A second point that implies Friar Lawrence was responsible for the ‘star-crossed lovers’ deaths is his failure to ensure that the news of Juliet’s fake death would reach Romeo. Friar Lawrence did not have a backup plan, which is why his attempt to get the letter to Romeo failed. Friar Lawrence appointed Friar John the role of delivering the news of Juliet’s sleep to Romeo, but Friar John is locked up due to suspicion of carrying the black plague and the process of the letter being delivered is delayed. One again, Trust is misused in this instance. Friar Lawrence trusts Friar John to safely deliver the letter, but this task fails. Friar Lawrence’s plan may have gone smoothly if he had delivered the letter personally to Romeo, even though it was not planned efficiently in the first place. Friar Lawrence is a cowardly character in Romeo and Juliet. His cowardly and selfish actions are shown again in the final scene when he puts his life in front of Juliet’s, which causes her to end her life. Friar Lawrence runs away from his problems, his problems of the watchmen discovering him in the tomb and his problems of Juliet and Romeo’s tragedy. These actions of his cost two people their lives because Friar Lawrence put himself first and made rash decisions.

The Feud between the Capulets and Montagues is a major part in Romeo and Juliet’s death. If the two families had resolved the issue, there would be no reason for Romeo and Juliet to be secretive about their love for each other and would not need to make secret plans with Friar Lawrence to fake deaths and marry in private because there would be nothing holding the two back from loving each other. If the Montagues and Capulets had resolved their issue earlier in the story, Romeo and Juliet would have lived happily and the deaths of other characters and family members would not have occurred either. The feud not only is a reason for Romeo and Juliet’s end, but also Tybalt and Mercutio. It takes the death of four people and many battles and violent fights in Verona for the