Justin Bieber's Purpose

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“Purpose” by Justin Bieber is a song about realizing one's purpose in life. In the beginning the speaker is reflecting on his past, thinking of all the good and bad. Then he starts accepting help from another person, and appreciating everything he/she has done for him. Lastly he realizes that this person has helped him find purpose in his life. The authors use of diction and connotation shows how the speaker found purpose rather than living a life he does not want to live.
Diction can change the meanings for similar lines. For example, the speaker says “I put my all into your hands”(line 5) and “I put my heart into your hands”(line 17). Both lines have a similar meaning but different wording. Instead of saying “all” in line 17, he uses “heart”. “All” is a term that shows everything that you have so it is an unlimited thing. But “heart” is a term that shows a physical object which is a limited item. So the level of sincerity shifts because of the change in diction.
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Line 9 says “you bless me” which is in present tense giving off the connotation of the speaker just receiving something. However “you’ve given me” is in the past tense giving off the connotation that the speaker had already received something and appreciating a gift but not a lot. The word “bless” makes a reference to god but “given” is just an everyday word that people use. The author structures the poem starting off with formal diction, using words such as, “soul” and “bless”. But ends the poem with informal diction, using words such as “my friends” and “given”. This shows how after some time, the speaker gets less and less formal and starts taking this other person for