What Is On Formal Probation

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Female Juvenile On Probation

Missouri State University
My research is over female juvenile that is on formal probation. I will be explaining how gender should or can affect programming, as well finding out the phenomenon of having the female doing too many programs or services at one time.
The research has never did research project involving juveniles. The researcher has a limited time to get the project done and she has no money to do the project. The researcher will be getting her support from her assistant, administrators and supervisor in her local juvenile justice agency. The formal probationers officers have agreed to help the researcher collect the data the research need.
The research population: Female juvenile offenders that is actively on formal probation and that the girls are living in the United States.
The juvenile agency is has 45 girls on formal probation but the researcher will be only be using a sample of 30 girls of the 45 that will be selected to participant in the project. The researcher will not be using a random process but instead the researcher is letting the formal probationer officers choose which 30 girls that will be used for the project.
The probationer officers have agreed that they will required all the girls that were chose have to do the project or they will have violated their probation. The parents/caregiver of the girls that were chose to be in the project will be informed about the research study in writing.
As part of the study, the girls will engage in a focus group there will be two group of 15. The person that will be running the focus group will be the formal probation officer: however, the researcher will provide the officer with a strict script of questions to ask the girls. The focus group will have the their research recorded by using an audio device, and the undergraduate assistant will transcribe the recording.
Research Questions
1. What do female juvenile offenders on formal probation identify as their greatest programming needs?
A. Education: getting their diploma, GED, or college
B. Drug or alcohol rehabilitation
C. Parenting
D. Mental help
All of the girls agree to the Education is what they want the most so that they can go to college and get a better job.
Half of the girls agree the nest greatest programming is the Drug and alcohol rehabilitation because some have been drinking or doing drugs at a young age and they need help to get off because they don't know how to do it by themselves.
A fourth of them agree they need help in parenting because this will be their first child and they are only teenagers and don't really have any experience in parenting except babysitting their sibling.
Half said the need mental help because they have been either rape, beaten by parents, treated like the outcast of the family and they don't feel loved by their family or people out in the world.
2. In what ways are these needs different from the needs of male offenders?
I don't think there is a lot different in the needs of male and female except girls need to learn about their periods, having a baby, but males are more violent than girls so they need more anger management more than girls.
Then the girls will also be required to complete an anonymous survey. The girls will do it online using a computer at the juvenile justice office during one of the weekly meeting with their probation officer.
1. How many hours do you think you think female offenders on formal probation should spend working on their probation requirements a week?
2. Do female offenders on formal probation perceive their probation requirements as a help or hindrance to them and their family?
3. Do female juvenile like being on probation or would they rather go to juvenile detention?
4. To finish your probation