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Running Head: Juvenile Boot Camps

Juvenile Boot Camps
John Coale
TESST College

Professor Tuer
September 4, 2010
This paper will discuss the history of the canine dog. This paper will also discuss the different breeds of the canine and its purposes. This paper focuses on the training, handling, and the overall care of the canine by the police or other agencies involving canines.

Increased juvenile delinquency and engagement in crime has been an issue of concern to many parents and the authority in general. Although juvenile crimes have been there even in the past, they have been increasing at an alarming rate and the intensity of crimes committed has also increased. However the criminal justice system has set
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The fact that Lee Anderson was forced to continue with the physical exercise long after he had collapsed showed that there were some serious safety issues regarding the activities going on in boots camps. Boot camps remain a choice not only for the government but also for many parents to correct the behavior of juveniles.
The boot camps have been modeled along the model of the military camps and they offer correction programs with shock incarceration based on military training techniques. They are therefore aimed at instilling strict discipline like in military.
The initial state of juvenile boot camps was to provide and institution where juvenile would achieve behavior modification and at the same time continue to pursue their drams like education and growth. Therefore they were meant for the troubled juveniles in term of their behavior and those who had committed crimes. These are the two groups of juvenile who are targeted by the boot camps.
This means the boots camps are likely to expose juveniles to military exercise which include physical training which focus on the reality, respect and taking up of responsibility. (Boot camps, 2008) Research has proved the many our teens usually lack these important qualities which they require in order to make a successful transition from their childhood to adulthood.
Boot camps often offer short term solution to the behavior of the juveniles. This means that juveniles