Juvenile Crime Essay

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Having done Accounting & finance, I have been interested in the financial side of business. One key skill that I have gained was the use of the double-entry bookkeeping system; this had made my understanding in this subject more simplified, I am very interested in this subject matter and the experience in the work field had fascinated me, which is the reason I would like to broaden my learning by choosing this course. Last year when I studied Business Studies, One aspect that inspired me most is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs he set out five levels that every employee wants satisfied through work. This just shows how many factors you would be facing if you were working as a manager in an accounting practice there are so many skills that a manager needs and the types of decisions managers take to carry out their role effectively.
My father owns a sole-trader type business, I realised that running a business is a very complicated task; by working with him the experience had taught me that many processes and variables can affect how a business is run. During my work experience, I had to complete tax issues for many businesses and found out about tax rebates, which fascinated me. I noticed that there was a huge demand for accountants, as many new businesses start up they sometimes have a lack of knowledge and need help to function. As I find this an interesting profession yet demanding I would like to obtain further skills and develop them in university, and become an accountant. The specialist subjects I have done are Accounting & Finance, Business Studies, Information Technology and Sociology. These all have very interesting subject matter particularly Accounting and Finance, as there are many situations where problems can arise. For example entries can become entered wrong in ledgers, which cause chaos, however it is rewarding when you find out where problems first occurred. Debating Sociological theories has also been engaging, mostly because debating for something you don't necessarily agree with is uncharted territory for me and has proved to be challenging and rewarding. There are many views and opinions that are held between different sub- cultures like the Feminists and the Marxists it is interesting when both views can come into a debate. As for IT, Creating websites and databases have been rewarding as you can develop skills that help out later in life. Beyond academic work, I feel that helping out disadvantaged people is always good, my main focus in charity this year is to help out the elderly who are homeless in Bangladesh. My family have