Essay on Juvenile Delinquents Should Be Tried a Adults

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CRITICAL THINKING PROJECT DUE DATE: TU, 3/26/13 @ beginning of class


Handwrite or type your answers to these preview items; answer thoughtfully and fully. Please answer on this sheet (both sides) and use separate paper if necessary.

A. Three Preview Questions
List three questions you had about the topic of your chosen article even before you chose and printed the article. What did you want to know/learn about that topic?

1. I wanted to know if it was actually still legal to live in polygamy.

2. I wanted to learn about Mormons and their opinions and how they viewed polygamy.

3. I was curious about the prosecutions and convictions based on this topic.

B. Predictions
Make two - three predictions on what you think the author will discuss and/or assert in the article.

1. I think the author will discuss how it is a violation of women’s rights.

2. I think that the subject of how strong laws are when it comes to prosecution of underage marriage may be discussed

3. I think that the authors opinions towards how polygamy affects society may be discussed.

C. Prior Knowledge
Write one or more thoughtful, fully-developed paragraphs -- or make a thoughtful, fully developed and numbered list -- of your prior knowledge on the topic of your chosen article. Use additional separate paper if necessary. DO NOT crowd your…