Juvenile Is Out Of Death Penalty For Feelony Murder

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New York Times
Re: 16 year old juvenile is out of death

penalty for felony murder­ February 3
I reside in Harlem, New York and very recently I have gotten information on a young man who got involved in a felony murder and the victim was the owner of a drugstore located nearby my apartment. They say he got out of serious punishment because of the lack of evidence of him getting involved into the crime, so they found him innocent. I think it is a mistake for the jury to let this boy out of this crime. It wasn’t right to put him back in his home and the society we all share just because he looked a bit more decent than the other gangsters who killed the store owner.
I don’t know how they manage to have him proven guilty, but it’s distasteful how the juvenile restriction rule didn’t affect him. He could have been someone dangerous and could be committing more crimes in the future, but they completely ignored all of it.
Another thing I am worried about is that the number of other crimes such as this one is now increasing and I am

concerned that this case would have an affect on causing other crimes happening from now on. An innocent little girl got shot by a gangster not so long time ago here and now a hard working store owner just got killed while being robbed.
This is why I believe that crimes like this one shouldn’t be taken so lightly and let it slip away. If there were someone other than them in the store at the time who