Juveniles: Virtue and Core Values Essay

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As I grow up going forward and moving on towards success, I have goals that I have to guide me through. Those goals are called my core values. Honesty, respect and giving love have always helped me get through life and have never failed to become the person that I am today. My family, home and school have had an impact on my core values. Life can get rough but having these in my life can help me maintain who I am and the person I will become in the future as well.
Honesty has to be one of the most important core values in my life that guides me to make the right choices. I have honesty as one of my most important core value because I was taught by my parents that I have to be honest and it is better to tell the truth than telling lies since that will get me into some trouble in the future. The way honesty affects my choices at school is because not being honest can get you into some serious trouble. The way it affects me at home is that if I lie to my parents, they will ground me and I won’t be able to go out. Honesty helps me gain and earn people’s trust. It is way better to be honest than lying because it will only get you so far.
Having respect towards everyone/thing as my core value, guides me towards the right direction in all ways. Respect in my life helps me at school because it is rude and people would think differently of me. At my house, respect is needed, for example if I disrespect anyone there, I will get in trouble by my parents and they’ve taught me better than that. I need to have the same respect at home as I would on the streets. I need to respect everyone and everything like if they were