Juwi Analysis Essay

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Juwi - what next?

Company – Overview:
Juwi is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of renewable energy
The name is built by the first two letters of the surnames of the founders Fred Jung and Matthias Willenbacher.
The company operates in the solar, wind, bio-energy, hydropower and geothermal energy sectors, as well as in the areas of green building and solar electro-mobility.
What was originally a two-man operation has grown into a multi-award winning company with 1,750 employees in 15 countries.

As there isn´t one specific problem to be solved we chose to apply the Strategy Orientation Analysis.

1.) History, growth & development
1996 the company was founded by Fred Jung and Matthias Willenbacher
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* Threat of new entrants:
High capital requirements
High threat as the industry faced a steep growth

* Threat of substitutes:
Within this industry substitutes would either have lower quality or lower performance as Juwi already has the most advanced technology and a high diversity.

4. Evaluate SWOT-Analysis

Overall, the company is in a good competitive position as it is independent and has a high diversity of renewable energy.
With the future perspectives of a steep growth in their industry the company can pursue its current business profitably as their current strategy isn´t causing any crucial problems.
In order to turn weaknesses into strengths, juwi should raise awareness among potential customers and employees by starting a marketing campaign and therefore increase high-skilled labor force and market share.

5. Analyse corporate-level strategy
With a good mix of renewable energies a stable, environmentally friendly and independent energy supply can soon be established in many places. Wörrstadt, a municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate has already achieved this goal. Together with politicians, companies and associations, juwi wants to realize a 100 percent energy supply from renewable energies.

Their goal is to be decentralized and independent and to produce energy economically and reliably -everywhere.