Analysis Of JVC Corporation

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This proposal is submitted in response to the current economic crises that faces the JVC Corporation and the methods that can be enacted to offset company waste. The Human Resources Department has reviewed current overall profitability of the company, employee benefit packages, performance management systems, and current performance guidelines. The methods that have been chosen are centered on a constant system of review that will give the company and the employees a clear picture of where they stand every six months. Because the company is not publicly traded, it is absolutely imperative that we have a constant picture of where we are so that we may always have our finger on the pulse. Employees for the company enjoy benefits like no other employees in the industry, and in order to maintain this level of compensation, personal bonuses must be more closely scrutinized. As you are aware, we are currently paying out 8% of our revenue to cover additional compensations or perks on time of normal employee salaries for an estimated 150,000 employees in the United States alone. We have always taken care of our employees, but this number has grown to staggering heights and although we may initially upset a percentage of our work force by lowering the percentage of employees that receive benefits, the change is imminent. The performance management system in in corporation is meant to be ever evolving and growing with the employees, it is a constant process of evaluation. We are