K-Mic Ktv Marketing Plan Essay

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K-MIC KTV Marketing Plan

MKT 301
Professor Hittler
November 28, 2011

K-MIC KTV Marketing Plan


K-MIC is a small KTV store. KTV means karaoke TV, which is a place where young people can sing songs they like. Feng (2008) has said, "KTV, is the rage in China. The rage started back in the 1990s and since then, a great many KTV stores have sprung up on both sides of the Straits — both on the mainland and in Taiwan" (para. 2). K-MIC KTV store is located in Xinzheng and next to SIAS International University. There are three floors in total. And it has mini room, small room, medium room and big room four kinds of rooms. K-MIC is a new brand market and is during the growth stage. Now, K-MIC is facing some
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Revenues should be increased more in the following years.


|Strengths |Opportunities |
|Good location(It is the nearest form SIAS) |Every year SIAS will have new students |
|Good atmosphere |Sponsorship with SIAS University every year |
|Good equipment | |
|Having a variety of activities | |
|Weaknesses |Threats |
|Having not enough room |There will more and more KTV be build |
|Lacking a systematic marketing strategy |Economic crisis impact on us |
|Quality of service are not good enough |Rising prices |