K9 Team Case Study

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It has been statistically proven that the benefits of a K9 team’s activity far outweigh the operational costs of the unit (Anderson, n.d.). In addition to increased operational efficiency and the significant deterrence of crime, the implementation of a K9 Unit will provide the Orange City Police department with innumerable opportunities to increase public relations with the valued members of our community; all of which have been outlined in the pages to come.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, included in the study is justification for the unit, liability concerns, a complete list of expenditures including four budget proposals, training and certification requirements, as well as proposed handler selection qualifications.

In conclusion, you will find recommendations and justification for the implementation of two K9
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Examples of positive implementation include public K9 demonstrations at locations within the community such as schools, civic groups, and National Night Out, to name a few. These demonstrations often serve a two-fold purpose: They establish support from the community in which they serve, subsequently enabling law enforcement to bring back the old adage that “the police officer is my friend.” This is particularly effective when referencing the youth in our communities.

The second aspect of improved community relations is invoked with the mere implementation of a K9 team and with the message it sends to the criminal element of a community. The message is resoundingly clear: “The Orange City Police Department is willing and prepared to do everything in our power to safeguard our community against criminal activity, and it is our intent to utilize the effective tools necessary to accomplish this goal.”

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