KELP Sushi Joint Essay

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KELP Sushi Joint: Crisis Management

Owner is arrested, joint is closed!

MKT500, Section N, Spring 2014


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Carley Donovan
Pavneet Kohli
Stephen Reyes
Magdalena Simic

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1 Abstract 5
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3 Process 5
4 Relevant Theory 6
5 Questions and Answers and Other Points of Consideration 10
6 Suggested Discussion Approach 13
7 Expected Outcomes and Related Issues 14
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Author's Notes

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Originally KELP Sushi Joint was selected by Stephen Reyes from the team because he worked their when they first opened. Our plan was to analyze their marketing efforts thus far and identify where they may have gone wrong. When the owner of KELP, Wesley Chiu, could no longer be reached, towards the end of the project, our direction completely shifted.
Our group became aware that Wesley had been arrested for violating probation. At that point, panic ensued and our focus was shifted to crisis management for the restaurant. Research began, to find out exactly what Wesley was charged with in order to have a clear timeline for the events. Along with public records and news articles, an interview was conducted with a KELP employee, Lacey Bedenbaugh.
Since the arrest event was close to the time of the presentation, there was no information regarding the outcome of this situation, so the team considered various strategies and possible outcomes. The primary assumption used in order to create discussion for the presentation was that Wesley would remain out of the picture and that his family had the choice to step in.
Pre arrest, all the information regarding the birth of KELP and Wesley's background (minus criminal history) was obtained through either the KELP website, or through speaking with Wesley. The information regarding the criminal history and aftermath of the arrest was obtained