Michael Brown Case Study

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Michael Brown’s Case
Kahlandra Walton
MS Palmer High School
English I
January 5, 2015

Michael Brown’s Case 2

On the timing and day of the case Teenager Michael Brown had recently robbed a convenient store and wasn’t running but walking down the street with his friend. An on-duty police officer recognized the teens walking from the description the dispatcher had given him. It was reported by some eye witnesses that Michael had been harassing the police officer and banging on his squad car window. Keep in mind Michael Brown is 6”2 and the police officer described the experience of Brown standing over him to be “Like a toddler holding onto Hulk Hogan.” The police officer said he felt as if Brown was trying to imitate him in a way. The boy that had been reportedly walking down the road with Michael had taken off to running after he had handed him the cigarillos they had just stolen from the store up the road. The boy told police he ran because he saw them start to fight and the bullets being shot. Michael did not live to be able to state his version of the story, but his autopsy spoke it all. His autopsy revealed that Michael had been fighting the police officer and that the officer had fired the gun more than 3 times and hit Michael. Michael had been shot a few times in the arms and in the top of his head. The police officer never told of how he was able to bet the bullet to shoot Michael directly in the top of his head, because of Michael being so tall and the police officer being very short. The officer claimed that he had told Michael and his friend to get on the sidewalk because they were holding up traffic walking through the streets. The officer said Michael had started being disrespectful using profanity towards him, cursing him out. He reported that when he had tried to exit his police squad car Michael had slammed the door shut. When the officer tried again to exit the car Michael had again slammed shut the door, and this time stuck his head through the window and punched the officer in the face. This is when Michael had started running and the officer got out the car and tried to fire his gun. He said Michael had taken the gun and twisted it in his hand and placed it against his hip, “I thought for sure