Kahlil Gibran

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Kahlil Gibran

Information on the Author

Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931), a poet, philosopher, and an artist was born in
Lebanon, a land which has produced many prophets. The millions of Arabic speaking people, familiar with his writing consider him a genius of his age.
However, his fame and influence was not limited to the Near East only, but far beyond these borders. His poetry has been translated into more than twenty languages. His drawings and paintings have been exhibited in the great capitals of the world and compared by Auguste Rodin to the work of William Blake. In the
United States, which he made his home for the last twenty years of his life., he began to write in English. The Prophet and his other books of poetry,
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Like children playing.

The text gives some explanation to the facts of life a lot of advice to people on the subjects discussed.

Main Characters

The story line of the book is does not discuss certain individuals in any detail at all except "The Prophet". Instead people on the whole are discussed in each of the chapters. This is so beacause the topics include happenings in the life of all common people.

In the case of Al-Mustafa (The name of the Prophet in this story), only his attachment to the land where he haad been stranded to for 12 years was discussed.
His background was not shown, only that he was a Prophet.

Another character who could be considered important is Altmira. She is a seer who persuaded Al-Mustafa to sty for a while and tell the people the truth of nature and all that was around them. "ÿthat you speak to .

The text gives some explanation to the facts of life a lot of advice to people on the subjects disck. The poetry used is very good, and at the same time not too hard to understand. In most cases poetry which is considered good usually contains difficult word and hidden meaning. This can be interesting but in longer poems it gets dull. "The Prophet" contains a large amount of poetry but it never gets dull in any portion of the book. I would suggest this book to anyone, because it deals with reality and can be very useful because of the advice about everyday topics found in the