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Kailum Gorman
DeVry University
Family and Marriage Week 1 Assignment

Page 29, Question #2: What is meant by the idea that race, class, and gender are interactive systems rather than individual variables? Think about your own family of orientation, and take one particular aspect of your family life as an example. Discuss briefly how race, class, and gender act simultaneously to shape that aspect of your family life.
Race, class, and gender are all interactive systems because they are all strongly connected and relate to one another and determine how we view society and what our upbringing is like. For example, the financial state of your family can separate one’s upbringing from that of another. When I was young both my parents worked
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I believe that one of the primary reasons that these divorces are occurring is mainly due to feelings such as jealousy. One thing that people need to understand is there is no reason someone who is married should be looking for and communicating with their high school sweet heart, the wife or husband has every right to be jealous and angry. Any type of communication with people other than friends and family on social media will undoubtedly bring trouble into a marriage. I believe that my theory is a macro explanation that resembles a normative perspective, in that certain social rules need to be followed so that order can be maintained within the family. Some examples of questions I might ask would be what exactly happened on the social media network that resulted in the divorce and how many times did it occur. I think that the scientific method of research would be the best because it would give me data and evidence that could be confirmable by one or two sources.
Page 57, Question #4: As discussed in this chapter, marriages and families today are faced with a myriad of challenges such as home foreclosures, unemployment, violence, poverty, and racism. If you were a member of a team charged with developing social policy pertaining to American families, what aspect of family life would you focus on, how might you research the topic, and what kind of policy(ies) might you suggest to policy makers?
If I were a member of a