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Freedom Essay Why do people fight for freedom? What makes it so important? Over the centuries, thousands have bled and died to gain freedom,and even today many still fight to preserve it. I value freedom because it means that I can make my own decisions and be in control of my own fate. The U.S has fought for our freedom and without freedom of speech, our rights, and religion the U.S would be in war with itself.
We are able to have freedom of speech in America one reason for example if Martin
Luther King Jr. never spoke in what he believed in black people would still be on the back of the bus, schools would still be segregated, and blacks would still be treated with no respect.Without freedom of speech women every where in the U.S would not be able to make political voting decisions today. Women in those times even white women were not treated as equals to men.Without our four fathers who made the Constitution we would not have for example women mayors,senator, and women on the supreme court . Without freedom of speech young women these days would not have role models to look up to.What is the actual reason of talking if back then the U.S did not have freedom of speech? The reason for it is to finally have what we wanted in our lives to talk with political opinions and being equal and being treated as fair as everyone else.
As a free American i have the right to pick my own job, marry who i want to marry, and have control of my “own” life. Kids five sometimes younger don't even know what it is like to have control over their life its all controlled. I am a very blessed person to have been born in
America on the year of 2001;July 18 do I know how many newborn babies have been killed because their parents didn't want then? No. I’ve been on this Earth for thirteen years and feeling blessed everyday. What kind of person am I to be ungrateful when girls my age are being kidnapped for no reason just because of where they live because the people who put

prices on those girls