Kali: Gods Essay

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“Kali defeats the demon” is an Indian myth by Elizabeth Harding. In this myth all of the demons and gods are in a war. The Gods were all losing, so they came up with making a warrior God. Devi, the god they created, was a superior to any God or demon. Devi savagely beat all the demons the even the most superior demon, King Mahishaura. After it all her rage was stopped by her husband Shiva. While telling her story Elizabeth Harding infers that some Indians are polytheistic and some Indians believe that one inflated ego can cause failure. To begin, Elizabeth Harding inferred that Indians are polytheistic. She implies this belief when she writes in her story, “All the altruistic and generous Gods recently joined their rays at one point and slowly the blazing concentration of light took shape in form of a women.” (Harding 1) Also, “The immortals prayed to her and worshipped her with praise, ornaments, and weapons.” (Harding 1) From this passage the reader clearly understands that most strongly believe in many gods. Furthermore, Elizabeth Harding implies that Indians believe personal ego is destructive. Evidence from the story states, “Thinking of himself to be invincible Mahishaura assembled an army and declared himself Lord of Heaven and Ruler of the Universe.” (Harding 1) “When Mahishaura, the king of demons, saw his army devastated by the blows of the terrible mother Goddess, his superfluous fury knew no bounds.” (Harding 2) Clearly, the reader can tell most of the