Essay about Kalihi Palama Care for the Homeless Methods

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BSHS 452

Kalihi Palama Care for the Homeless Methods
Tasks and Subtasks
The task is to place homeless individuals into enter a pre-housing program in which they will be educated on how to acclimate back into a living/housing environment with other individuals The subtasks are the classes that will implemented by offering in nutrition, cooking, cleaning, hygiene, psychosocial, employment, and classes on furthering their education. The nutrition and cooking class will be one in the same in which the facilitator will go with the clients to the store and choose healthy choices of food come back to the facility and prepare the food as a group. The hygiene and cleaning class will be the basics of setting times to shower, brush their teeth, eat, and clean up after themselves such as washing dishes and cleaning their apartments. In addition, the class will go to the laundry mat and show the clients how to properly wash their clothes. The psychosocial class will also take place within a group environment in which these individuals will be taught to understand what their triggers are, what the aliments are, and how to deal with them by using coping skills. The classes will also address stress management, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, developmental disorders, and anger management. The class on employment will help each of the clients learn how to look for a job, build a resume, and how to pursue this goal. The furthering of their education would be helping the client obtaining their GED, going on to post graduate, and graduate school. The goal of each of these classes would be to empower the clientele and model different behaviors so that the individual will be able to succeed in their community. Initially the current staff at KPHCH is willing to start up this program by offering their education and time for their clients. Once the program is successful KPHCH will proceed to write out a request for additional funding. In this process of the grant writing there will documented examples of successes and opportunities for improvement.
Individuals Responsible
Initially the staffing coordinator will need to hire and or move employees around to fit the needs of the program. The staffing positions that need to be filled are managers, supervisors, case managers, housing specialist, outreach workers, office staff, and computer programmers. The managers will be in charge of the program and their needs such as grant writing, finding the appropriate individuals for the positions, and setting up internal and external office procedures. The supervisors will be in charge of in-house matters such as time sheets, training, and evaluations. Case managers and outreach workers will be responsible to support the clients as well as the outreach workers providing continual services for the individuals in the program. Furthermore, each of these roles will contribute to the program by teaching classes in teams throughout the week.
Resources needed
The resources needed are additional funding for compensation for the staff, supplies, and development of each program this will need to be