Kane: World and Unimportant Melodramatic Thing Essay

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There is not really a life without someone to share it with. There couldn’t be just one person in the world or else why would we even be created what is our purpose, that is what I should make my story about …but I’m not going to talk about that at all. What I’m going to talk about begins with two people, people that don’t have a clue of what’s going on around them they just relax and wait for the next unimportant melodramatic thing to happen while just passing time at their favorite place in the world. A girl named Julie and her best friend Tom loved going to that little plain waiting every day for them to plummet on its golden sparked grass. Time seemed as a pendent of imagination when the two were together they never felt like they needed to know anything, do anything, worry about anything. Because that small plain in the summers mist was there safe haven to just escape and not listen to their parents. I didn’t occur to them that when something gets to good it will soon be time to finally put that good thing to an end. So when all was said and done the man always won the man that sat up at the overlapping chair and that man that could get anything he wanted at the snap of a finger. Not many people liked the man that much but I would fear that the so many cannot take arrogance and benevolence. The fact of the matter is that the place where Juliet and Thomas sat and acknowledged there thoughts of life was now going to will be pleasant. The moral of their life’s was unknowing and unrealistic for many people would say It didn’t even make since that they should not even be living for you see they were miscretes and demonic, well that was in everyone else’s eyes they were. People couldn’t accept them for who the two younglings really where for they cousins. Yeah that kind of thing didn’t really matter in the dark times much really but to some people even still it was wrong. It didn’t acre to Juliet and Thomas what people thought until their parents and friends, everyone around them rampaged through there chambers taunting and tormenting the two. You would expect your family to be