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Kameron Phan
English DCA What happens within a society when communities don’t challenge assumptions?
Through out the weeks we have gathered many sources such as articles, books and videos that provided me some answers to this question. There were three similarities that I have noted between the
Lord of the Flies book, a video called “ The Danger of a Single Story” by
Chimamanda Adichie, “ The Perfect­ Victim Pitfall” article by Charles Blow, and last another speech video by Bryan Stevenson about justice. These sources focused on an answer that I believe can answer the question above. The answer is that when communities don’t challenge assumptions, people are free to do and say what they want without being aware of consequences that will impact themselve and society. Which in many cases, an uncivilized society. We always talk about having demons tempting us and making our life a living hell but there’s always an angel or God to save us if we are willing to confess our sins and do penance. The truth is you don’t any supernatural figure or power to understand what hell is like. We all know that police officers are mad to provide us with the protection we need because that’s what they are getting paid for. “I say that because there is power in identity.
When we create the right kind of identity we can say things to the world that they don’t actually believe make sense” (Stevenson).Police officers are viewed as the hero that comes to save the village from a robbery or a murderer. What we don’t realized is that they are doing it as a job which we totally understand but they are not considering moral beliefs and action that much. An example of that would be from an article “ The Perfect ­Victim Pitfall” by
Charles Blow. The event of a peaceful riot turned into a violent war zone. What happened was the police officer who killed Michael Brown even when the young man was not even armed and the event that followed was Eric Garner was choked and died. His final breath was to say
“ I can’t breathe” instead of “ I love you” to his family. “ The argument is that this is not a perfect case because Brown­ and, one would assume, now Garner­ isn’t a perfect victim and the protesters haven’t all been perfectly civil, so therefore any movement to counter black oppressions that flows from the case is inherently flawed. But this is ridiculous and reductive, because it fails to acknowledge that the whole system is imperfect and rife with flaws. We don’t need to identify angels and demons to understand that inequity of hell.”(Blow).Another great example would be from the book “
Lord of the Flies”.
Through out the book, Ralph,Piggy

and Simon was known for three kids that still have a sense of moral behaviors within themselves .What happened later on was that Ralph and Piggy turned to the killer that killed one of their true friend, Simon when he had taken the form on a the “beast”. “The theme is an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature” (Golding 204).
Which can interpret in another way which is when at times of crises, political or manners don’t really matter anymore. In the wild, if a tiger appears at sight, the human nature is to hunt and kill it before it kills them. The human nature can turn life into a living hell.
During times of hardship, even the innocents and their perspective in life can change for better or for worse. It’s not about showing mortality but about knowing and being aware that the worst case scenario might happen to you and during that time of doubtness, sadness, madness something that is buried within yourself can be staring at you, and that thing is called human nature. “Show a people one thing and one thing only over and over again, they will become one” (Adichie). This quote sets a great example for human nature. Chimamanda talked about the time that she went to the United States at the age of 19.She encounters a friend that