SWOT Analysis: La Taqueria Azquera

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SWOT Analysis la Taqueria Azteca

Taqueria Azteca is a Mexican restaurant, near the Registry in Bowling Green. It is situated in 306 Old Morgantown Road.



Product: * The restaurant offers a wide range of Mexican food. Indeed they offer lot of kinds of traditional Mexican dishes like Quesadillas, Burritos, Nachos, and Tacos. So the consumer can choose what he wants to eat and order. The Mexican food is tasty and colorful. * The fact that the restaurant offers Mexican food is a good point for the company because Americans enjoy Mexican food. They can eat traditional Mexican food there in comparison with other fast food chains like TACO BELL that is offering less traditional Mexican food. * As there are a lot of Mexicans, Latino Americans and Latinos in Bowling Green, the restaurant attracts a lot this kind of consumers. Indeed the restaurant offers to them food from Latino America.

Training: * The restaurant employs Mexicans. Thus, there is an opportunity for Latinos to get a job there.

Service: * The fact that the waitresses of Taqueria speak Spanish is a good point because the Latino consumers can feel confortable in the restaurant. Also, it makes the environment looks more Mexican. * The waitresses are friendly, dynamic, smiling and young. Plus that, the service is really fast. * We can take the food with us to eat it away.

Pricing: * The prices are affordable for all the consumers. Indeed, the average price of a meal is less than 10$. There is a good quality price ratio.


Product: * The products are not fresh. The meals offered are not healthy.
The products are not well presented and highlighted.

Training: * The fact that the employees employed by the restaurant are only Mexicans is a weakness because the Americans and the other people of other nationalities cannot get a job in this restaurant. Taqueria Azteca cannot also employ people from other nationalities other than Mexicans because they are used to employ only Mexicans and because of the image of the restaurant and its atmosphere.

Service: * We cannot order food from them online or by calling them.
The alcohol offered in the restaurant is not varied. They only offer beers.

Pricing: * The fact that the prices of the dishes are low can give a negative image to the consumers about the restaurant and the food offered.


Location: * The restaurant is very well situated because it is near to the WKU campus and the Registry in there a lot of potential students consumers are living. * There is also a free parking in front of the restaurant in there the consumers can park their cars without loosing time looking for somewhere to park.

Another market: * They are only on the market of Mexican food. To preserve their image as a Mexican restaurant, they should only offer Mexican food. * They have in the restaurant a scene that is not used. They should use it and make animations in the restaurant, for example: karaoke, Mexican musicians, raggaetton music. They can organize parties with themes like a Halloween party, a Mexican parties, Thanksgiving Party… it can be a good thing because they are a lot of young people and students living near to the restaurant. * They have a bar that they also don’t really use. They can use it to serve and sell more alcohol to the consumers. * They have Tv’s in the restaurant, so they attract a lot of students that want to watch soccer games. They should organize soccer games afternoons with Mexican food with some promotions.

A brand extension: * As we already said the restaurant cannot have another activity that is not linked with Mexican food. * They can create a little grocery in the restaurant selling products with the brand TAQUERIA AZTECA such as sauces, spices, Mexicans ingredients, … * They can open a restaurant on the WKU campus or in