Kanue Biah Case Study

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cooperative individuals'. One such player was Kanue Biah, an exile from Liberia. His family fled Liberia when he was two, and he wound up under the watchful eye of his uncle Barlea and awesome auntie. In 2004, Barlea was resettled in Clarkston, and Kanue could go along with him the following year. To help himself and Kanue, Barlea needed to work always. This implied Kanue needed to grow up rapidly, dealing with himself when his uncle was not home and cooking and cleaning so his uncle could just eat and rest when he returned home from work. Kanue had a less demanding time at school than some different exiles since he communicated in English smoothly, however he was still derided for his articulation, and he was once suspended for battling because of such tormenting. He joined the Fugees not long in the wake of landing in Clarkston, and he instantly came to regard Coach Luma. He played first as a goalie and after that as a striker, and …show more content…
The tone was serious earlier and amid the film, with every one of the four pondering the group. In transit back, Kanue at last brought the theme up. He requested that Luma not drop the season. She reacted that she couldn't mentor a group of players who were ill-equipped and ill bred, and that cutting those players would abandon them with too shy of a program to be reasonable for the individuals who remained. Kanue contended back that it wasn't reasonable for the players who had been showing up and following the standards, and he recommended that he, Mandela, and Natnael could discover new players who might take after the guidelines also with the goal that they could complete the season. Luma at last said that they could attempt, however that she made no certifications. When Kanue was dropped off at home, he got the opportunity to work enlisting new