Kapuna Health care Essay

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Kapuna Health Care
Erin Young
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Kapuna Health Care is a health care organization whose goal is to create a successful environment for customers, patients, and staff. To reach this goal the creation of a strategic plan will help maintain a successful environment, provide input to what capabilities this organization has currently to use within this plan, change the organization based on the needs determined, and guide the organization to where it plans to go in the future.

Kapuna Health Care I am the manager of a health care organization called, Kapuna Health Care. This organization’s main concerns are the health issues for our elderly. Our elderly in most cases have been forgotten, put into homes, often neglected medically, and become another’s responsibility. Kapuna Health Care is focused on senior citizens 65 years of age and older, we provide all different types of services that may be needed by our clients, from transportation, healthcare, in-home healthcare, day care, meals, physical therapy, to even assistance with completing paperwork. Our core competencies are based on the elderly and their needs, we take pride in servicing the elderly by implementing extraordinary staff specializing in many areas, such as transportation, creating nutritional meals, and providing expertise when assisting with paperwork. Not many health care providers for the elderly provide these types of services; we have found that our services benefit our clients immensely and are of great value, attracting more clients to our organization. Many of our clients don’t have the resources to services that are necessary to live a healthy lifestyle, our organization provide services to satisfy their needs. Their expectations are