Karen Bradbury Biography Essay

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People devote their lives to different things all the time. Some people devote their lives to sports, jobs or even their family. Authors, especially devote their lives to different thing. There are some authors who devote their lives to just writing, and doesn’t worry about anything but writing, on the other hand some authors put God before anything and first in their work. Karen Kingsbury had devoted her life to serving Christ and is one of the most famous Christian authors in the United States.
Karen Kingsbury was born June 8, 1963, in Fairfax, Virginia (n.p, n.d.). Her parents are Anne and Ted Kingsbury. She was the oldest out of the five children (K. Kingsbury n.d). . She was hooked on Dr. Seuss since the first time her dad read “The Grinch Who Stole
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Kingsbury n.d). She had it memorized by the time she was five years old (K. Kingsbury n.d). When she was younger she had to move a lot because her dad’s computer programming job with IBM (K. Kingsbury n.d). She was around ten years old when she moved from Michigan and moved to California (n.p. n.d.). She lived there for the next two decades. (K. Kingsbury n.d). She loved Southern California, and she grew up in the San Fernando Valley, and she was a true valley girl. (K. Kingsbury n.d). In high school she studied Journalism her freshman year at Pierce college, she decided to become a lawyer (K. Kingsbury n.d). That same year she took on an English class and three week into the semester, her professor Bob Scheibel told her she would never stop writing and he put her on staff ( n.p. n.d.) She graduated from Cal State University Northridge with a degree in journalism in 1986 (K. Kingsbury n.d). She immediately started to work as a sports writer (K. Kingsbury n.d). Her dad taught her a lot about sports because when she started writing for the Los Angeles Times she did not know anything about sports (