A Brief Note On Julius Caesar

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Aspects questions 22­24
80% Some solid evidence ­ need a concluding essay about how in the end you would judge Julius Caesar.


I believe that Caesars intent was not to stabilize Rome and build for the future but for his

own intent to achieve his own personal rule. Julius Caesar was very good at convincing people and using them. He did many things for himself but made it seem like it was for the people.
Before all of his accomplishments he had been in a various amounts of debt. He conquered many countries and became rich in the process. He was very smart and knew how to draw people in and make them believe what he wanted them to. He wanted to become a great powerful king, not for the future of Rome but for himself. 5­23

Rome did not need such heavy guidance from Caesar for it was Farley good before

Caesar had started doing business in it. When Caesar had started conquering lands and obtaining enemies in the process. With Caesar gaining enemies and support of some people e was becoming more and more powerful each day. With his power he became self­righteous and even more convincing than ever before he wanted everything and would stop at nothing to have

whatever he wanted. This can be proven with the fact that he spent his own money to benefit the people of Rome. He wanted to gain their trust and what better way to do that is with bribery?


I believe that it was a flawed plan just too bluntly murder Caesar and