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Question 2 Karl Marx

What does Marx mean when he says that morality is essentially ideology? For Marx, every human situation have economic basis in it. Weather one realizes it or not, economics principles underlie and become to motives to one’s actions, Marx thinks it’s foolish for people who are not willing to admit to this morality principles that have been formulated by philosophers for ages, then are simple “ideology” tough they are considered the product of pure reasons they have also been influenced by these economics principles in the process of formulation. For example if you were brought up in a ‘cannibal’ society you would probably regard those that refused to eat human flesh as being misfits – probably you would ostracize/punish them for breaking the tribal laws. Just as a monk might be penalized for talking out of order. We set rules of ourselves and the breaking of these rules creates crime even when the rules maybe seem absurd in a different time/place. A current example is the Latin community is being targeted. Americans want immigrants to get out of America because they weren’t “born” in America. The Latinos work hard to get into this country looking for a better life for their families and love ones. Latinos come here to earn a living and process in life. But some Americans don’t understand that. They segregate the Latinos and think of us like we are here to steal American but in reality we are not. But Latinos communities are being accepted