Essay Karma: United States and People

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Karma Children, in India, are taught that you should always do good, and it will come back to you. As a child this philosophy was taught and instilled by my parents; therefore I strived to live by their teaching. This was such an integral part of our culture that it was reflected in the movies. Scenes would show the bad person always ended up being persecuted and shunned by society. In the Hindu religion, it states that people should give alms to those who are less fortunate than themselves. For this reason, when you do a good act towards some person you could see the appreciation in their eyes and they would try to repay you back with a good deed. People in India are mostly poor and work long hours to make ends meet and when someone they know does something in their favor, they are quick to notice and reciprocate at some other time. When I came to the United States, I noticed the differences in the culture and ideology. In more than 30 years, I have not encountered anyone who shares the belief that it is necessary to do the right thing towards others, regardless of the outcome. Many people believe there should be something they stand to benefit and if they don’t, then it is not worthwhile doing. This was hard for me to comprehend. I started to question the people’s humanity. How could someone who came here to the US, as an immigrant, choose to support their families back home but care less for the homeless person living on the street? I was angry, but then I