Kashim Club Strategic Plan

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Kashim Enlisted Club
Strategic Plan
April 2007

The Kashim Club, located on Elmendorf Air Force Base, is the primary restaurant for the more than 2200 U.S. military personnel and family members living on the installation. The Kashim provides full dining and catering services for the entire community. The facility can cater functions from 20 to 400 people with a wide variety of products and services. The Kashim is home to O'Malley's Pub, which provides bar and food service to enlisted members in the grades of E-7 and above and civilian equivalents. The pub offers dart boards, billiards, slot machines, large screen TVs and a wide variety of music. The Geyser room lounge provides a great relaxing environment for military officers in the grades of O-1 and above and for civilians, ranked GS-11 and above. Although membership to the club is not required for patronage, it is encouraged in order to maintain the high standard of quality services offered by The Kashim.

I am currently employed as an Assistant Manager at the Kashim Club. In order to grow and thrive at the level consistent with the objectives of the Kashim Club, management must create and implement new ideas that will help reach those objectives. Persistent solicitation from members should be pursued as well as solicitation of non-members through the use of comment/suggestion cards.

The mission of the Kashim Club is to deliver comprehensive support and services directed toward maximizing usage, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

The vision of the Kashim Club is to enhance quality of life, contribute to communities of excellence, enrich living and working environments, and foster a sense of community.

Internal and External Assessments
SWOT Analysis
The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses of the Kashim Club, as they apply to its internal and external elements, and describes the opportunities and threats facing the Kashim Club.
Strengths (Internal)
Maximizing cash flow
Improving member relations
Attracting new members
Achieving member satisfaction
Achieving employee satisfaction
Retaining current employees
Attracting and hiring new, qualified employees
Collaborating to work on new community issues
Launching new projects/services
Increasing level of innovation in projects/service
Convenience for military community

Weaknesses (Internal)
Maximizing revenue
Optimizing revenue sources
Improving club’s image or reputation
Limited menu variety
Lacks sufficient revenue to offer a good mix of diversity in entertainment

Opportunities (External)
The need for community involvement
Import new food prep personnel to build menu selection.
Book popular entertainment to increase patronage

Threats (External)
Other competing agencies
The need for community involvement
Culinary specialists’ and entertainers’ contract would expend sizeable fraction of club revenue

Weakness and Threats to Strengths and Opportunities
Customers desire a variety of options when they visit a restaurant. The Kashim Club’s menu is limited because it does not have the staff experience to create such a variety. To eliminate this weakness, the club could have their current staff experiment with new cuisine. Hiring new culinary experts is too expensive; therefore, the current food preparation personnel must acquire additional training. Although price is reasonable for dining, increasing menu options would guarantee an increase in patronage and the initial price setting for the new products would generate additional revenue that would assist with raw product costs and salary increases.
The lack of diverse entertainment drives patrons to competitors. Having a place to relax and unwind is the desire for all. Having a location for such an atmosphere, but lacking the activity necessary to make it work is a disappointment. If the Kashim Club would offer a more frequent entertainment schedule, patronage would increase, making it the more favorable