Katherina and Petruchio are likely to have a happy and successful marriage Essay

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Katherina and Petruchio are likely to have a happy and successful marriage
Katherine and Petruchio are a suitable couple whose traits mix together to create a well-balanced relationship. They are likely to have a happy and successful marriage for several reasons that are evident throughout the play. First of all, their positions in society are revered; Katherine’s status as the daughter of the wealthy Baptista and Petruchio’s respected title. The world approves of their marriage which paves the road to success for them. Their characteristics are similar and blend well together. Their mutual intelligence, wit & fiery personalities add a playful challenge to their relationship, keeping it passionate and interesting. Many would argue the marriage would be dominated by Petruchio and that this would cause Katherine to be unhappy, Katherine’s destructive and unruly behaviour has been tamed but she has not been crushed into a completely submissive and obeying woman, she is just less disturbed and volatile. Their unhelpful traits and flaws are softened by each other’s personalities, creating the potential for a happy and successful marriage.
Katherine and Petruchio are socially insiders but are outcasts with-in that group due to their unusual traits that are similar, meaning they can understand and enjoy each other’s company. Petruchio proves that he is Katherine’s intellectual and verbal equal the, making him, on some level, an exciting change from the easily dominated men who normally surround her. They are also very fiery people which could be seen in their first meeting when he does not cower from her aggressive behaviour like most men but plays along and banters with her, this suggest a playful tone in their relationship. Despite the fact that Katherine is tamed, she still remains a passionate woman like Petruchio which keeps their relationship fervent.
Petruchio and Katherine are lucky enough to be born into families of high society. Katherine was born into the wealthy household of Baptista and Petruchio has a title but lost a lot of his wealth. There are two unconventional upper class people with unusual personalities who come together to form a conventional marriage which will be accepted and encouraged by society. They will have well looked after and financially secure children brought up in a conventional household.
Many would argue that there is much potential for the relationship to be dominated by Petruchio and this would cause Katherine unhappiness. It can be seen in many parts of the play that Petruchio is controlling, like in the scene where he insists that the sun is the moon and tells Katherine she must agree or the scene in which he insists on Katherine kissing him before entering the wedding or else they would leave. Petruchio’s mockery and banter are common themes in their relationship but they are not necessarily bad, it creates a playful bond between them keeping the marriage lively. You can see that Katherine also plays along with this teasing and banter by her end speech. You cannot be sure whether or not her speech is sincere but she is either pleased to be a docile wife or she is happy to playfully banter with her husband.
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