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Katherine Feliz
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Is Gatsby really Black? Many people have watch or either read The Great Gatsby. Gatsby is known as a Young wealthy white man that lives in a mansion over in Long Island. What if someone told you Gatsby was really black an African American man who was just using his alto ego to write his story. Now that would be something astonishing wouldn’t it be. Carlyle V. Thompson wrote an article “Why I believe that Jay Gatsby was black” stating why he believes Gatsby was really a Black Man.
As you carefully read the book you would start to notice clues and signs. The signs will come from themes, racial passing, activities he was involved in, also his likes and dislikes with certain things. He was a really big fan with cars sending stereotypical images of blackness. I agree with Carlyle V. Thompson theory of Gatsby being black because of the time period Gatsby was writing in and his way of writing. The clues he would give and show would have you thinking why is a wealthy white man doing this or doing that.
The first point Carlyle V. Thompson states was “Gatsby has 40 acres: 40 acres and a mule are traditionally given to ex-slaves; he is associated with New Orleans and "black" jazz music; he trims his hair everyday—suggestive of negroid hair.” I find this a valuable fact in interpreting Gatsby is black. Why would a white man own property that was only given to ex slaves? Slaves during that time period where only African American and men where the only ones allowed to own property. He was also associated with New Orleans and “black” Jazz music.
White wealthy men do not enjoy the sound of black Jazz music. Jazz music was a very popular trend that was going on with in the slaves. Many Slaves use to pass there time being singing or listening to Jazz Music. I find these two facts very compelling because it makes you start thinking