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Katie Ormerod
Childrens and young persons development
Task 2
CCLD MU2.2-1.2

Describe different observation methods and explain why the are used.
There are many different types of observation methods which are used in the setting, often, to record changes in a child’s development. Some of the different methods include: running records, diary, anecdotal, time sampling, event recording, checklist, narrative, group, solo and 1-2-1 interactions and observation with or without an adult.

A range of observations need to take place as children often change depending on whether they know somebody is watching them and who they are with.

One kind of record may be a diary, this is used to keep a record of what a child has done. Most often this method is shared with the child’s parents and sometimes the parents an also add to the diary any thoughts or comments they may have. If something appears to be important in the activity of a child this is usually written in the diary. An advantage of the diary is it provides a long term record of the child’s activity and progress through out the year.

Another method may be anecdotal, this is when somebody writes about something that has happened that they may not have actually seen for themselves but somebody else has told them about such as a parent explaining to a member of staff what they have seen their child do.

Time sampling is used to look at what a child may do over a period of time such as a morning or an afternoon. A sheet is