Kayla Brunett: A Short Story

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Kayla Brunett is 13 years old and has a sister and brother that she loves both even though they are younger than her. She is friends with everybody even if you don’t like her. She is always very bubbly but can also be very serious when she needs to.

A Successful Team Beats With One Heart Two years ago Kayla and her cheer team at their champions came in 2nd place. Although they did not come in 1st they still were so proud of themselves. Kayla told me “ Even though we came in 2nd place it didn’t matter all that matters is that we're all together and we all put our hearts out there on that field, and that is exactly what we did. As one we all came together, even if they said that we got 2nd to us, we all got 1st. As my coach, she always said ‘A successful team beats with one heart.’”
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For her UCLA she loves the bears as her mascot and she loves the colors. As for CBU she loves the school as it is she doesn’t care for the mascot.
47 Friends??? As for a 13 year old you would expect for them to have 10-15 friend but not Kayla she has 47. As a kid she loved to meet new people and she still does, as for this year she tries to make a new friend every day at school. I’m sure she has a lot more because she just named the names she could remember. So i'm sure she at least has 70 or more.
Siblings are so Smart Kayla has a younger brother and sister. Her and her brother are always butting heads, but she loves him anyway. She always tells him “you're one of my favorite brothers” always he would get a confused face and say “ I’m your only brother.” She always loves to say that because it usually gets him mad like, King Kong mad. Last time it backfired on her though, because he came and tackled her to the ground, pulling her hair and smacking her until she said “ You are the best brother in the whole entire world.” Luckily she said it and didn't have to go to the