Kayla: Firearm and National Rifle Association Essay

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The debate on whether to have concealed carry in America has been going on for years. On one side, there is the National Rifle Association who strongly believes that it is there right to carry guns and use them for hunting and self-defense. On yet another side, there are the people who strongly believe that guns are extremely dangerous. Both of these sides have very good arguments. Just I guess it depends on whoever fights the hardest to win.
In the Constitutions Second Amendment it is our right to be able to bear arms. In the study of National Crime Victimization Survey, when using a weapon for defense people are less likely to be harmed than a person who used other object as self-defense. With that being said, when the “Shall Issue” law was enforced homicides, robberies, aggravated assaults, and rapes were greatly reduced. In order to have concealed carry, citizens have to be of the age limit and are law abiding citizens. With adults having this ability they may find it to be safer and feel comfortable with going out at night in dangerous areas. Those adults who have families could feel that it is their way of protecting them. This is what the National Rifle Association feels will help win their argument.
Furthermore, a lot of United States Citizens think it is a horrible and dangerous idea to have concealed carry. It is said that concealed handguns are not a form of self-defense. Charles Branas, PhD, discovered that when carrying a handgun people are more likely to be shot than a victim without one. Having a handgun when confronting someone, it could escalate and turn lethal. The misuse of a handgun is done when most “responsible” adults are intoxicated, tired, afraid, or untrained. In most states to retain a permit for concealed carry a person does not even need to be trained. If states would be more theral on their background checks to carry a weapon, the worry of suicides increasing would not be a problem. Also, the gun shootings and high crimes rates…