KaylaWilson SC121 Unit 3 Assignment Lab Essay

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Blood Glucose Regulation


Kayla Wilson


Donald Cragen



Plasma glucose levels will be highest immediately after the meal (0 hr)
Plasma ketone levels will be highest before the meal (fasting)
Plasma insulin levels will be highest
1-3 hours after the meal
Plasma glucagon levels will be highest
1-3 hours after the meal

Materials and Methods
Dependent Variable plasma levels of glucose, ketones, insulin, and glucagon
Independent Variable food and beverage intake
Controlled Variables physical activity, caffeine and alcohol intake, gender, age, BMI
4. Why were physical activity and caffeine and alcohol intake the controlled variables?
They were the controlled
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6. The insulin/glucagon ratio changed over the course of the experiment indicating changes in glucose storage and changes in ability to increase blood glucose concentration via glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis. State when glucose storage capability was highest and why.
Glucose storage capability was the highest at 0 and 1 hour post meal and the reason for this is because that is when the body has absorbed the nutrition it needs in order for the glucose level to be where it needs to be.
7. State when glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis were highest and why.
They were the highest 1 hour post meal because when the body doesn't get enough carbohydrates to produce energy then Gluconeogenesis is stimulated by cortisol causing it to be higher.
8. Explain how a high blood ketone level helps the body conserve blood glucose.
It helps because even when your not eating the body has to make its own sugar. So when you body's glycogen is running low the body will start to conserve sugar supplies for the organs that require it.
9. Restate your predictions that were correct and give the data from your experiment that supports them. Restate your predictions that were not correct and correct them, giving the data from your experiment that supports the correction.
My predictions were correct and honestly I'm not sure how I got them correct. The only thing I