Kayleigh's Lesion: A Short Story

Words: 216
Pages: 1

Kayleigh has a lesion on the left side of her mouth, next to her lip; it looks like an impetigo lesion. There is a huge red streak coming from that lesion that goes down to her neck. Her entire neck is swollen. It could possibly be cellulitis, or some kind of infection. It could progress to something more serious if not treated. According to a teacher, the lesion was there the day before, but not the redness and swelling. Kayleigh was in a lot of pain, wanted to go home, and she wanted the reporter to contact her parents. The reporter states that Kayleigh needed to go to a doctor immediately. The reporter tried to call all of the numbers that are listed, but no one is answering. The reporter has also left voice messages with her cell number