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God of the meridian

God of the meridian! 4 And of the east and west! 6
To thee my soul is flown, 6 And my body is earthward press’d: 6
It is an awful mission, 5
A terrible division, 3
And leaves a gulf austere 5
To be fill’d with worldly fear. 6
Aye, when the soul is fled 6
Too high above our head, 5
Affrighted do we gaze 4
After its airy maze – 4
As doth a mother wild 4
When her young infant child 5
Is in an eagle’s claws. 5
And is not this the cause 6
Of madness? – God of Song, 5
Thou bearest me along 4
Through sights I scarce can bear; 6
O let me, let me share 6
With the hot lyre and thee 6
The staid philosophy. 3
Temper my lonely hours 4
And let me see thy bowers 6 More unalarmed! 2

Devil of the Meridian
Devil of the Meridian! 4
And of the north and south! 6
From thee my soul has liberated, 6
And my body to its lord returned. 6
It is a wonderful feeling, 5
An honorable feat. 3
And nears me to paradise 5
To be distant from devilish mischief.6
Aye, when the soul is liberated 6
And flown through naked skies, 5
Sinners glimmer with hope 4
Lauding its chaste path- 4
As a mother would 4
When her beloved child first 5
Impeccably calls out “mama! mama!” Priceless! 6
And is not this the cause 6
Of delight? - Devil of Song, 5
You dragged me down 4
To level of disgrace I cannot bear; 6
O let you not make known 6
To the public my sinful works 6
For which I weep. 4 (3)
And decrease my loneliness 4
As your followers see my virtuous path. 7 (6)
Much alarmed! 2

Theme of death vs. rebirth, holiness, chasteness, sin
New poem is based on the opposite of the original poem. I tried to keep the amount of words in each line the same. It was a bit difficult to do so and keep the rhyme scheme and meaning consistent but I managed to do it except for two lines where I used 4 words instead of 3 and 7 instead of 6.
Original poem: Discusses distance between soul vs. body. It talks about God of the meridian (define meridian). Keats distances the body and soul by saying the soul is flown to God while the body is pressed towards the ground, away from God. The poem describes the journey of the soul and body as terrible, and describes the soul of a sinner after death since it goes on to talk about the terrible divisions and anticipation of punishment. It also describes the frightening of other people with the punishment of the grave.
New poem: talks about Devil of the meridian. Contrasts original poem with north and south instead of east and west. This poem contrasts the original poem again, the soul is liberated from the Devil and the body returned to its lord. This poem