Keep Her Interested With the Sexy Scents of AXE Anti-Per spirants Essay

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The “Axe” Men’s antiperspirant advertisements on television are very powerful even though no male who watches them really believes that this particular product, when worn, will necessarily attract females by the flocks. The female population simply groans at its content and not so subliminal message. Why then are Axe advertisements attracting so much attention by both genders? With today’s overabundance of media flooding audiences constantly, how can these particular ads continue to be played again and again on everyone’s television? Today’s businesses are continually trying to bring in new clients, buyers, users and customers. Expanding on a business can be difficult, especially in today’s economy when people are naturally going to be more careful with what they are buying because of the scarcity of money that is available in everyone’s pockets. This is why it is so important for ads of any kind to be effective. This essay will attempt to justify why the “Axe” advertisement is and will continue to be so effective even though, upon careful examination the content is not substantive in nature and not really credible. It will use principles of advertising as its format to present the arguments in favor of this essay.
A respectable advertisement must grab people almost immediately. It is very important that your ad can be able to grab someone who glances for just a second. It must force people to take a second glance instead of simply moving on. The “Axe” ad fits into this mold exactly. Although it is only a thirty-second ad it grabs the attention of both men and women who are in the room. Even though people may not be paying attention to the television, once this ad begins to roll, everyone pays attention because of the sound, the filming, the music and the unusual message that it presents. But most of all the ad is selling sex which people in today’s society can not get enough of whether you’re a young teen or a mature adult- sex grabs the attention of your eye and ears almost instantly.
The ad must be both clever and creative. Although this may appear to be common sense to everyone, it is difficult to achieve. However, a clever ad attracts people and represents the brand in a positive way. If a potential buyer perceives the ad as clever, then he or she remembers that the product is “clever’ when that customer sees the product in the store. A clever ad also inspires the potential buyer to want to learn more about the product. Indirectly, a clever ad also represents a clever company. So the “Axe” ad has so much more going for it besides the fact that it is “cute and sexy”
One of the common guidelines, especially in web design and in television advertising is the fact that you do not want the people to think too much. It is more effective if the ad entertains rather than causing them to reflect seriously on what they have just viewed. An ad must get the message across in a clear succinct way without introducing more than one or two messages throughout the entire ad. The bottom line is to get people to realize what the ad is saying as soon as they look at it. This is accomplished by the mood or tone set during the ad. The playfulness in the mood of this ad helps reinforce the fact that this is a fairy-tale and there is no sign of trying to convince the viewer that it carries a serious message. However, it still makes the ad memorable in the viewer’s mind, especially when he or she sees the product on the shelf in the store.

Every advertisement must convey a message. Television ads visually represent a message(s). The “Axe” television ads sends an imaginary message but does it in a non-offensive, light-hearted way; it makes effective use of humor. For this reason, no one takes it seriously but people still remember it because of its easy-going style. This makes the “Axe” antiperspirant memorable for everyone who watches it. Another essential component of an effective ad is the fact that it should be unique and